Department of General Services - Kampar Campus (DGS-KPR)


The Department of General Services (Kampar Campus) provides support services to meet the needs of the University's community and to create a conducive, pleasant, clean and attractive environment for all users at Kampar Campus which is sited on a scenic 1300 acres of land that captures the essential nature of the terrain of limestone hills, lakes and vegetation. 

The Department of General Services (Kampar Campus) strives to enhance the quality by providing services with the ultimate satisfaction possible. Like all other departments, DGS-KPR has always coordinated its efforts by promoting effective communication among other parties, thus endeavoring to achieve reliable, efficiency and excellence in all the services it provides. DGS-KPR also ensures that the department manages its services optimally to support the University's goals and provide for continual improvement and growth. 

The challenge in improving the support services provided by Department of General Services is putting new ideas of improvement to work. By focusing improving efforts in these three areas effectively that is customer friendly processes, staff commitment to support services, and communication; they could bring us the results that are wanted and needed. Improving the support services will never be a quick fix. It is an endless journey but a crucial and rewarding one when it is being acknowledged by the University community as a whole. 

For any inquiry please contact DGS-KPR at:

Tel No.:  05-468 8888     Ext.:  2213

Email:  yeesh@utar.edu.my